I am, first and most passionately, an educator living and working in Singapore, where I teach World Civilizations with the University at Buffalo/Singapore Institute of Management undergraduate program. The students are collaborative and enthusiastic learners and it is my privilege to lead discussions about ancient sources with modern relevance on a weekly basis. We co-create a website/blog together and we tweet about world history throughout the semester. I highly recommend taking a look at their work.

I am also a graduate student in Drew University’s History and Culture program. I am currently beginning research on my dissertation, which will explore the intersections of historical thinking and digital media. The project will focus on students’ evaluation of the significance, credibility, and relevance of historical texts and narratives. I’m particularly interested in whether/how digital media tendencies – including the privileging of recent material, the equal valuation of content and opinion, and a preference for participatory platforms – impact the ways students’ appraise historical content.

If you’d like to commiserate about dissertation writing, discuss pedagogy, or geek out about cool tech don’t hesitate to write (via the contact below) or leave a comment on the blog.